Leia Churchel:

Artistic Expressive Carvings



I began my love affair with leather some time in 2012 after a directionless youth and a hard transition into a new reality. I was always completely submerged in art and the beauty of life since I was a young girl. I grew up in a community of brutally eclectic people who were always creating & that breathed the life into my future with the world. 

I became obsessed with the idea of death and rebirth as I continued to grow. I was never able to express it other then through depression, being oddly empathetic and years of trying to produce art I was never truly connected with. Constantly pondering on ideas of things most people would find morbid or macabre. I found elegance traced through cemeteries and hope in withered flowers. My heart beat to any form of Art Nouveau and skipped with victorian lace. 

After I found solace in my daily life I began looking for something I could hand craft to express my love of these things. 

I had always loved the smell of leather when Id walk into boot stores and biker shops ..... those are memories that stick out from my childhood almost like fresh baked cookies only leather! I found my infatuation in an Antique mall in the middle of nowhere wondering what an old piece of furniture was. After some research I found out it was a stitch horse used for saddle making & I was hooked from then on out. With leather I was finally able to connect death with a form of rebirth. Making a new piece from something that had died solidified my love of leather.. 

Now after 5 years of experimenting practicing and creating, Lunation Leathers is coming to fruition at its full force. Being able to create - reuse - carve - mold - dye & bring life to something again with images and designs inspired by the world around me, has become my biggest honor.


Kevin Churchel

Bushcraft - EDC 

My Grandfather is a third generation clock maker so being a tradesman is beating through my veins. I am a Leather Smith & a Woodworker. From a young age I've always kept busy within the world of nature. Camping hiking hunting and building all my life gave me inspiration in finding a craft and a trade that I could do with pride and precision. We had a farm growing up with complete access to the wild. In my youth I saw nature in a manner that allowed me to find beauty as well as practical use in each raw material. Loving natural materials made it an easy transition to get into leather working. 

I started leather working after years of remaking store bought sheaths to fit my needs, ( most store bought sheaths failed or were not what I needed in the rugged lifestyle I lived). Leather truly gave me the opportunity to be able to take a natural material and mold it with my hands.

It is my goal to build the toughest, most durable, simplistic sheaths & outdoor accessories I possibly can. I use natural materials with proper construction processes for a life long lasting use.