By Purchasing from us you are fully aware of all policies & acknowledge them.  It is your personal responsibility to know these things before buying from us or requesting custom orders. By purchasing from Lunation Leathers LLC you agree to these policies.


Each item is normally ready to ship unless stated otherwise. We ship USPS priority mail in the US & Internationally. There is a 2-4 business day process time for shipping and you will be sent a tracking number when the item is shipped. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for providing correct shipping. If it is shipped to the wrong address we can do nothing. So please double check! 

International shipping : We now ship to other countries through our shop! You however are 100% responsible for knowing your countries duty/custom/tax fees and are responsible for paying them. Each item is marked for the value of what its worth. You must pay your countries fees. We can not mark the item for anything other then merchandise. We can not guarantee the items tracking number will be updated when it leaves the country so please contact your local postal branch.

Lost or stolen: Each item is insured for the items value. if the item is lost or stolen we can not help you must contact your local postal branch for further action and provide them you tracking number to proceed further.


We do accept returns with in a 14 day period from US customers. If the item is damaged in anyway we will deduct the value lost from the return cost. You are responsible for shipping during the return. If you are International please contact us first. After 14 days we will not accept returns. If it is for a custom order we DO NOT accept returns as you agreed to all the terms of the custom and have seen the piece prior to shipment. If the piece is flawed with hardware or rare manufacturing we will fix it for free!


We love doing custom works! Just contact us to get a free quote & lets see what awesomeness we can make together!

These are not customs - Hair slides that are Ravens - Rams - Moons - Long horns - Filagree / Also detachable fringe hip bags. Please do not contact us for these. When they are available they will be in our shop.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When to you restock your items in the shop?

A: Simply put whenever they are done. Normally twice a month.

Q:What is OOAK?

A: One of a kind items that will never be like another thing and are dripping with uniqueness. Everything we make is OOAK.

Q: What is a Custom Piece?

A: Something that is created specifically to cater your needs by us, that we typically don't have in stock.

Q: Can I order this same exact thing as you made for so and so?

A: No, we can make you a similar item but seeing as each item is handmade and crafted no two items we ever make can be exactly the same therefore they are OOAK. We can make them similarly though.

Q: What does a custom order entail?

A: Something we don't typically make or stock. Something that is your unique vision that you'd like for us to make specifically for you.

Q: What do you normally make that is not a custom that I have to wait for?

A: Hair slides such as Ravens - Moons - Moths - Skulls - Filagree. As well as Fringe bags - Hip Bags & Leather skirts. These will all be available in our shop if we have them in stock. Otherwise you must wait until the next shop update which we will post on Instagram & on our home page when its about to be available. 

Q: Can I custom order a Raven or pre order one?

A: No, unfortunately ravens are not made to order. If there is no stock available of the Ravens in our store then they are not available. This goes for Moths, Rams skull, Cow skulls, Steers, Moons and filagree slides as well. Please check back as we will list shop update dates on our home page as well as on Instagram. If you'd like to order a Custom slide please contact us.

Q: How can I get a custom piece? How much do you charge? How long will it take?

A: You can email us. We answer emails on Sundays! We can discuss the pricing on something in the emails as well as how long it will take. Normally there is a waiting period as customs take time and we refuse to rush orders because we like to produce the most durable and beautiful heirloom pieces. Pricing varies but its not cheap. We've taken years to learn our trade and take pride in what we do. You could get something cheaper sure, but it will never stand the test of time, have the customer satisfaction and attention to detail the way an OOAK piece will.

Q: Can I order customs outside of the US?

A: Yes please email us! You will be responsible for your countries customs fees and duty fees. As well as shipping. 




Leather Techniques

Q: What is the process to make a piece from start to finish?

A: First we draw the design up - cut out a design - transfer it to the leather. Then we hand carved the design with a small knife called a swivel knife. After that we tool it, meaning we use small metal stamps to make deep lasting impressions to give the piece depth and character. Following that we hand dye and paint the piece using professional leather oil dyes and paints from various leather distributors. Then we oil the piece with a neetsfoot and extra virgin oil to give it the nutrients and supple feel. Some pieces are sealed with a matted professional water resistant wax or an acrylic sealant. Finally we assemble the piece with a saddle stitch which is inner locking using a waxed thread to prevent breakage and give it strength or we hand braid the edges with kangaroo lace. Embellishments are added for a touch of class and charm. All hardware is either forged by Artifact Metalworks or military grade strength steel and antique brass.

Q: Where do you get your leather from?

A: Various US sources. We do not source outside of the US. We either use supple oil tanned hot stuffed leathers or vegetable tanned leathers. All leathers are either cow horse or deer unless otherwise specified.

Q: What does Ethically Sourced mean? 

A: If the piece states ethically sourced it means that the animal has died of natural causes and has been humanly resourced. 

Q: Can I request ethically sourced items?

A: Yes! That would be a custom order unless the piece states ethically sourced already. Understand this leather is harder to come by so it is priced higher. Feel free to Contact us to find out more.



Q: What should I expect with US shipping? Lost or stolen items?

A: Us clients will have a 2-4 day processing and handling time. Unless its made to order. You will be provided with a tracking number after the package is in transit. Lunation Leathers is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items. If you experience loss or theft contact your local post office branch to proceed further we can not help.

Q: Do you ship to other Countries?

A: We are finally happy to say YES! We now ship to other countries through our shop! You however are 100% responsible for knowing your countries duty/customs fees and are responsible for paying them. Each item is marked for the value of what its worth. You must pay your countries fees. We can not mark the item for anything other then merchandise. 

Example: If you buy a Raven hair slide for $130.00 plus tax - plus shipping that is what you pay us however, you will still be responsible for your custom/duty fees. I can not mark the item as being worth cheaper or a gift. That is Illegal for any merchant licenser exporting goods. It is your job to know what your countries import/export fees are and how it will be delivered.

Q. I got my item and had no idea about customs/duty fees I'd like to return it. How can I do that?

A: You can not return the piece. As stated above you are responsible for your countries fees and duties and if you don't know them thats not our fault unfortunately. So please know your fees.

Q: How do you ship your items?

A: Through USPS priority flat rate.

Q: I entered the wrong address can you help?

A: You are responsible for entering the correct address and email for each order I can not change the shipping address after it has shipped. You are responsible for the entire purchase. If it has not shipped we can change the address. We recommend you contact the post office or the person who lives at the wrong address you've entered to acquire your package if its in transit already.

Q: How will I know when my package is shipped?

A: You will get a shipping Tracking number when the item has shipped. However if you are outside of the US we can not guaranteed shipping tracking will be upgraded.

Q: How can I track my package to another country?

A: Items are ship from the United States to any country in the world via USPS priority and first class mail. Items shipped within the United States take an average of 3-4 business days once they have been shipped to arrive. Items shipping outside of the United States take an average of 10-sometimes 30 business days to arrive, pending customs delays. Tracking will be provided with every package, but cannot be guaranteed to be updated once a package has left the United States. We are not responsible for duties or taxes/other fees incurred on your package outside of the United States, please get to know your countries policies on international packages. 

Q: I ordered off of your Etsy shop how long will it take?

A: In each item on Etsy there is a description as well as a detailed shipping and policies section. Please visit the item you bought to review the details of that item to find out specifically. Normally it takes 2-4 processing time then 3-4 business days for shipping in the US. Outside of the US it can take up to 30 days depending on your countries laws or customs. We can not predict custom delays.


Q: Why are your pieces taxed?

A: In the state of Pennsylvania we are required by law to charge a 7% sales tax on accessories and unfortunately there is no way around that. We have to pay the state to be able to provide yall with custom goods.

Q: Can you make it so I don't have to pay sales tax?

A: We're sorry but no.

Hair Pins

Q: What are your hair pins made from?

A: Hand carved and dyed fine veg tanned leather. As well as hand forged mild steel pins from Artifact Metalworks.

Q: Can I just buy a slide & no pin?

A: Yes just email us and ask or check the listings for individual sales.

Q: Can you make a pin out of another material?

A. No, were sorry. However time to time we make single wood pins.

Q: Can I pre order?

A: No

Q: Can I request a pin you don't make?

A: Yes of course thats a custom order just email us.

Q: When will you have more of these kinds of slides?

A: When they are finished being made. If they are not in the shop they are not ready. Keep an eye on Instagram & the Home page of the website to find out the next release date.