Ordering Your Custom Piece

Having a custom piece thats catered to you is honestly the best way to honor anything you would like. The custom process is something we take great pride in. Whether its for knives or hand carved and tooled items we ensure satisfaction and long lasting quality pieces. 

We fabricate each custom from start to finish. Putting countless hours and experience into the whole process. Creatively giving you a unique item that is one of a kind catered to your wants. 


Understand that with experience and proper training to get a long lasting item that is guaranteed to last and provide a conversational show piece - these things take time. There is a wait list unless otherwise notified. These items that are hand crafted to your needs are priced out appropriately based on time - costs - research & creation.  Just know its not cheap as we don't make cheap things! We make pieces with heart and soul with durability - strength & beauty.

To get a FREE quote feel free to contact us.


Example of the custom process for one of the coolest clients who loved the human heart - history of the human race - queen annes lace & darker tones.